Comet and Shubunkin

Comet & Shubunkin


The Comet and Shubunkin have been developed in Japan and the United States. The US version of the Shubunkin was developed in the 1870-1880 range. While the Japanese refers to bright red in color, in fact red is selected against in the Shubunkin. Both of the fish described here seem to be derived from Demekin stock that was crossed with either a common or a Comet.

© Merlin Cunliffe 2016, Comet

© Merlin Cunliffe 2016, Shubunkin

Breed Development

Both breeds have very long fin length, For the Comet, a metallic fish, many colors exist. For the Shubunkin, less than 50% of the body should be red, blue is preferred. Also in Shubunkin, tail should contain black and there should be black speckle’s . Fish are typically fairly long and the body depth is 1/3 to ½ the length.

Judging is based on a 100-point scale.

Color 20
Fins 20
Body and face 20
Condition 20
Deportment 20

Color Comet Shubunkin

Fins colored in metallic fish and contain black in calico fish 20 20
Fins are clear or torn 10-15 10-15
Fish are faded and not bright 5-10 5-10

Body & Face Deduct

Body is less than 2X the depth of the fish. -10
Peduncle cannot hold the tail correctly -15
Fish is flat on top or bottom -10
Headgrowth present -20
Fins damaged -15


Fish is fluid when swimming and tail is not stiff 20
Tail sits on the bottom 10-15
Fish hangs at top and fins are not held correctly 10-15
Fish is faded, mostly white 5-10


Fish swims in circles or to one side only 0-5
Tail fin droops 0-5
Center V of the tail is not in the midline of the fish when swimming 0-5