Breed Development

The Jikin was developed in Japan. It is a considered a national treasurer. It is also called the Peacocktail. The fish is a natural fin mutation of the Wakin. The color selection for an all-white / silver fish with red lips, gill plates and fins make it extremely difficult to culture as show quality fish. In North America there are very few imported fish each year and the color patterns of these fish are typically pretty but not near the standard. There are now a few breeders in North America and there is hope that fish of show quality will someday come to the various shows. This is a metallic fish with a stated color pattern, one would have to say that the fish are extremely rare.

The Jikin above is a good specimen for entries in North America, the ideal has a much shorter peduncle, illustration by Merlin Cunliffe, © Merlin Cunliffe 2016


This two color metallic scaled fish is very difficult to judge in North America. Most people have never seen a perfect fish and the show entries are typically do not approach the illustration above. Of all the varieties of goldfish very few metallic fish have color criteria.

The Jikin judging standards are based on the following criteria;

Body Peduncle & Shape 30
Body Color 30
Tail Shape and Position 20
General Condition 10
Deportment 10

Body Peduncle & Shape

Wakin-like body, a pointed head, with a peduncle that is extremely short or nonexistent 30
Wakin-like body, a pointed head, with a peduncle that is 1/3 to1/2 the body depth 25-28
Wakin-like body, rounded head, with a peduncle that is 1/3 to ½ the body depth 20-25

Body Color

Fins, lips and gill plates are bright red, body is completely white 30
Fins, lips and gill plates are orange, body is completely white 28
Fish is colored like either of the first two examples above but has reddish patches on its’ body 26
Red or red/white body 20-22
All white body 20-22

Tail Shape and Position

Tail is propeller shaped and tail set is 900 to 1200 20
Tail is propeller shaped and tail set is 1200 to 1600 18
Tail is propeller shaped and tail set is 1600 to clamped close 15
Tail propeller is not balanced or complete 10

General Condition – Fish must have balance and fins cannot be ripped or torn. Eyes must be clear and scales on the body must be white to silver and not show signs of bleaching of red patches. Bottom sitting results in a 3 to 5-point deduction.

Deportment – Fish should be active and not a head stander.