The Pearlscales continue to be very popular. One is more fantail in shape, one is much like an orange or ping pong ball in shape and the third is an Oranda / Crown Pearlscale (Hamanishiki). This unique scale type and modified chest size was developed in China. The recessive trait is in both nacreous and metallic fish in a variety of colors. While common with importers, there are very few line breeders in North America. Presently the ping pong ball shape is currently most common.

© Merlin Cunliffe 2016, Fantail/Broadtail Variety

© Merlin Cunliffe 2016, Crown Pearlscale

Breed Development

These fish are best described as a large chested fish with a unique pearl colored raised scale. The breed includes fish with and without a wen. Fish with a developed wen are called a Crown Pearlscale. The wen is uniquely different than Orandas as it is typically one or two lobes. Some exhibitors put these into the Oranda class, body shape of a Crown Pearlscale is rounder and shorter than an Oranda. This is acceptable and some people also exhibit in the Pearlscale and Oranda class concurrently.

Pearlscales have more than one tail type available, the classic scalloped tail as a Oranda or Fantail and also the Broadtail.



Maximum points awards are as follows;

Fin development and shape 20
Body Shape 20
Scales 30
Fin and body color 10
Overall Condition 10
Deportment 10

Fin Development and Shape

Fins are all matched and has two anal fins 20
Fins are all matched and has one anal fin 15
Fins are all matched and has no anal fins Disqualified

Body Shape

Body is 2/3 the body length. Ping Pong variety has a ratio of depth to length ration of 0.9 to 1. 20
Body shape (length) is disproportionally long 10-15
Body so short fish fails to swim properly 1-15


Unique Pearlscale covers the entire body surface, and scales are perfectly aligned. 30
A few scales Pearlscales are missing 20-25
Scales are irregular in large areas, or missing 0-15

Fin and body color*

Fin and body colors are intense and not muddy, fins may have color or be clear, but should consistent 10
Fin and body color is faded or even muddy 1-10
Body color is not shiny but more like a satin finish 1-10

*Prominent colors are red, orange white, while black, blue and bronze do exist.

Overall Condition

Fish has balance and swims correctly, not bottom sitting 10
Fish has balance and swims correctly, but bottom sitting 1-10
Fish lists to one side 1-3


Fish exhibits balance while oaring with pectoral fins 10
Fish is head up or Head down when resting 1-6
Fish lists to one side when stationary 1-6

Crown Pearlscales have a wen that is comprised of one or two lobes. Wens that are more like Orandas are not allowed.