Big Fish Small Space – Developing a Plan

By: Joshua McWilliams / Water Pigs By Joshua

Pt 2: Developing a Plan

So after my initial purchases, I then upgraded my tank to a 55g.  I sought out to find some of these marvelous creatures I had been eyeballing through social media. This led me to a US breeder who had a telescope butterfly breeding pair available. He shipped them to me and again I started doing more research on breeding and raising fry. Boy was this overwhelming, I thought to my self how was I gonna be able to do this in my small space. I tried making a couple plans that did not seem to be viable. In the mean time my fish decided to spawn before I was even ready, I panicked hand bred in a tupperware bowl and started the fry in an empty a plastic storage bin. So having this makeshift setup made me work harder on my plans for tanks and ways to use my space to the best of my ability.

R&W Butterfly telescope pair img_5091

My plan of attack was to use as much of the vertical space as I could in my apartment. I had seen other goldfish keepers place tanks on racks/shelves. My first goal was to find racks that would fit the size of 20g long and 40g breeders and be able to withstand the weight of these tanks full of water. The second goal included ditching my futon (that was used only handful of times while living here) and install indoor raised ponds. This would allow for larger volumes of water while still being able to maintain the viewof my TV from bed. I also wanted to create a display tank that would be more elaborately decorated to serve as a focal point when entering the room. Lastly I still needed a space to store supplies, such as temporary fry tubs, acclimation and breeding bowls, buckets to clean filters, etc. (See floor plan below)

Floor plan
Floor plan

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Big Fish Small Space – Introduction

By: Josh McWilliams / Water Pigs By Joshua

Pt 1: Introduction

Breeding and keeping fancy goldfish takes a lot of water and space. Space is something I lacked when getting into the goldfish hobby. With the popularity of smaller living and the prices of real-estate per square foot in urban areas increasing, it often puts a challenge in front of goldfish hobbyists. Through some careful planning I have managed to overcome these challenges.  In this blog series I plan on sharing with you some of the ideas I came up with to save space and still get to enjoy these marvelous creatures we know as Goldfish.

As a single male in my 30’s, 5 years ago I decided to leave spacious living behind and move into a studio apartment in a downtown high rise. The studio offered an amazing view from the 12th story of downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. It was a total of 450 sq. ft., with a very urban/industrial look.  Every piece of furniture had to go into consideration on; what I would take with me, what would fit, how would I store all of my things.  Once I got in my place with all my stuff, I thought to myself, what have I done?  Soon enough however I found ways to make this space livable and pleasant.

Enjoying keeping goldfish most of my life, I decided to get a 29g tall aquarium and soon acquired some pet quality orandas for my studio apartment. The calming effect that came with goldfish keeping was delightful. Their charming personalities and beauty really sparked my interest. My orandas were great fish but I had started searching goldfish on numerous social media outlets and found out there were far more options of really interesting high quality goldfish out there. I also found myself submerged into videos on care, space requirements, feeding, etc. After that I knew I had been bit by the delightful goldfish bug!




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