The Fishroom Diaries-Shipping Goldfish on a Small Scale in the USA

By Rob Crosby As all hardcore goldfish enthusiasts will attest, sooner or later, you will have more fish than you can handle, and you will likely be looking for an outlet to offload some extras. Back in the day, we could always take these fish to the local fish store and trade them for store … Read more

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[ad_1] Hey everybody, if you haven’t visited the TGC website lately, please drop by and see our current auction. We are offering Orandas, Veils, Top View Ranchu, Bubble eyes, and Telescopes. Please note that we are in the process of upgrading our auction software, so for the time being we can only use the “buy … Read more


Well, I have looked at black fish for many years and yes, they are my favorite, but what about having some fish with the same bodies and broadtails as the moors, but in a different color? I have been intrigued by this for some years, but when I tried it a couple of times, the … Read more