Hey folks, our events for the year are over and were very successful; the Xenia/ Dayton show & Auction, the Toronto lectures and sale & exhibit, and West Coast Palooza III educational event, auction and sale were all well attended and a great time was held by all.

Thanks to benefactors like Susi Schuchard and Julie Morton- Marzak, we continue to develop great events. Also on Facebook continued contributions to us on the “Network for Good” are making us a stronger entity. Our board thanks you all!

Next we are moving to upgrade our web site, . Sleeker, better reference materials, who and what is being bred, and more information exclusive for our membership only is our goal.

Please consider commenting on this post, listing you would like to see on our updated web site.

We also ask you to remember that we are a 501(c)3 non profit charity. We have no employees, just some serious hobbyist that use their vacation and free time to help educate the world about goldfish.

If you want a direct interaction about the updated web site, I ask you contact/ interact with Joshua McWilliams, Gage Harford and Bao Dang.

Thank you all for coming and seeing our activities and participating on the Chat on Face Book.

Gary Hater
Founder – The Goldfish Council