From the Desk of Water Pigs USA

Thai Oranda groomed by Joshua McWilliams

I wanted to take some time to address the followers and patrons of The Goldfish Council. May 1st, I became the President of The Goldfish Council. This is an exciting new position for me in this wonderful nonprofit organization.

First, I would like to thank our immediate past President Rob Crosby for the fabulous job he has done this past 2 years. It was an honor serving as his VP during that time. I have learned a lot over the past 4 years from Rob, The Founder Gary Hater, and the rest of our superb Board Members. TGC has been doing great things for the Hobby since it was founded in 2016. I plan on continuing this work and bringing some new elements to the Goldfish Hobby.

Our Current Board- including a few newbies to our team…. Please be sure to thank any of these stand up individuals for the volunteer work they do for our organization.
President: Joshua McWilliams
Vice President: Gage Harford
Secretary: Tony Reynolds
Treasurer: Bao Dang
Founder: Gary Hater
Board members at Large: Ted Tai, Mark Rausa, Julie Marczak, Robert Crosby, &Chris Southerden
Vendor Ambassador: Lauren Lin
Public Relation Ambasador: Susi Schuchard
General Board members: Bryan Rhodes, Amy Shonka, Matt Lyon

I want to announce we have updated our website to a Patron Level format. Each level allows you to participate in the organization through different functions on our website. Since our organization is a 501c3 nonprofit, we will keep our basic level free. All articles, standards, and blogs are available to all non-patrons. You can go under the support tab and find all you need to know about current patron levels.

If you have had paid TGC membership in the past, we are offering a FREE Bronze level Patron account for 6 mo. I am currently in the process of updating each past member so please be patient we have quite a few past members and each one must be manually changed to the new patron format.

One of the new exciting additions to our site is the new classifieds section. Here as a silver level above you will be able to post ads for fish you have available to sell. As a bronze level & above you will be able to shop these ads.
Another new and exciting venture TGC will be heading up is a new CAN-AM All Goldfish Show. The show details will be announced later this month. This will be an online virtual show that anyone in the US or Canada can participate in. Due to the pandemic Covid19 we have had to postpone many of the in person Educational Events & Shows around these two countries. Hobbyists will be able to all participate while remaining safe. This new virtual format we are hoping to make an annual event so we can allow many of the hobbyist who cannot travel to our future events will still be able participate.

To start of my new role as President of TGC, I have finished a long-awaited Article on water quality. Make sure you visit the link below to read the new article.

I look forward to serving all the TGC Patrons over the next two years as President. Stay safe and love your goldfish…

Joshua McWilliams