The Functions of Body Slime in Fishes by Bob Fenner

Just yesterday I was sitting by my pond practicing enjoying my fish when an old friend contacted me to let me know that our good friend Bob Fenner had passed away. Bob was a friend and mentor, he had a way of making you feel special. He welcomed me onto the Wet Web Media crew, encouraged me to write for, and helped get my first article published in Freshwater and Marine Aquarium magazine. Bob helped me see my own self-worth.
We didn’t talk much but I always knew he was just an email away for anything I needed. In fact, a few weeks ago I was going through these old copies of The Goldfish Report and found a repost of one of his articles. I am so thankful I took a second to stop and say hey.

Subject: Re: The functions of Body Slime in Fishes 1976
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 2020 08:28:28 -0700

Hey Bob,
 <Hey Gage!>
 I just acquired a treasure trove of ancient Goldfish Society of America  magazines known as The Goldfish Report and here I am reading October  1976 and guess who’s name pops up in the reprint of the month!
 <Oh yeah!>
  I had to stop reading to say Hi.  I am still helping the aquarists gone  astray on reddit and am now a board member of The Goldfish Council.  Hope you and yours are hunkered down and avoiding viruses too.
<Yes to hunkering and great to hear from you. I have oft stated that  folks often begin their aquarium odyssey with goldfish; and if they  live well enough, and long enough…. come back (after cichlids,  marines, reef…) to goldfish. Cheers mate. B>

I can’t think of a better way to pay tribute than to share some knowledge. Also be sure to check out where every aquarium related question has been asked and answered at least twice.

Reprinted from GFSA The Goldfish Report October 1976