Happy Independence Day

To all of our Patrons here in the US, Happy 4th of July. I hope everyone is having a safe and fun summer so far. I know this summer doesn’t look like our summers in the past with a pandemic to deal with in 2020. I feel as whole our group of hobbyists involved in caring for, breeding, and showing goldfish are luckier than most. We have our fabulous goldfish to spend time with and distract us from all of the crazy things going on do to the Pandemic Covid19.

I want to also thank all of the hobbyists to entered the Can-Am All Goldfish virtual show we are hosting. A big thank you goes out to our fabulous sponsor King Koi and Goldfish! Our show committee will now start the benching process and get all of the beautiful fish sorted into their individual classes. After the fish are benched, over the next month, videos of each class will be sent to 2 different TGC Certified Judges for evaluation utilizing our TGC show remarks cards. Top fish from all the categories will then be submitted to our head judge for selection of top awards. Keep an eye out for info regarding the date of our live feed we’re we will be announcing all the winners on Facebook.


Another exciting event we have going on is our 2020 Thai Oranda Grow-Out Contest. This event is sponsored by Genki Koi and Goldfish. Details on how to register and get a draw for this event is located on The Goldfish Council’s facebook page. You have until July 10th to register for the event.


Every one please stay safe this summer and have fabulous time with your goldfish. I know I will be enjoying projects around my own fish room and ponds.


Joshua McWilliams
TGC President