Dips and Baths

Treatment: Dips and Baths By Gary Hater Treatment of goldfish that are ailing from flukes, protozoans, fungus and bacteria has changed over the last two years, most of our historic treatment chemistries and medicines have become unavailable under most conditions. Regulations require collaboration with a veterinarian in order to get medicines. For internal issues, we … Read more

The Goldfish Council Show Program

The Goldfish Council Show Program Author: Gary Hater Contributors: Joshua McWilliams and Mark Rausa Editors: Amy Sims-Shonka The Goldfish Council TM is a nonprofit 501c3 charity that is designed to educate and promote the goldfish hobby. Part of our education program is having events and judging shows and workshops. In 2016, we instituted new goldfish … Read more


The Goldfish Council in 2017 & 2018 As we approach the holidays, the board thought  we might to do a little review and add some thoughts to the future. TGC had a great second year in existence with lots of Facebook activities by its’ members, and membership is now well over 100 hobbiest. Ramping a … Read more

2017 West Cost Goldfish Palooza Update!

Our August 2017 Goldfish event in San Jose California is expanding with the addition of internationally famous Neil Tietler as a speaker. Neil is a world renowned goldfish author, geneticist and historian. He plans to share some of his life works from studying goldfish whilst in Japan. He plans to talk about the history of goldfish … Read more

Election Update and Congratulations!

Today we are pleased to announce that Joshua McWilliams has agreed to hold the membership chairman position and also become Vice President of Education, a full board member. The self nomination process yielded a lot of interest for 2018 and 2019, but for immediate occupancy Joshua was the person who raised his hand. As we … Read more

Buy It Now Auction Starts Monday 22 May 2017, 5 pm EDT

Come check us out for some rare domestic breeder grown fish! Tonight (May 22nd 2017 5PM EDT) is the launch of the another TGC Breeder’s Auction. Previous auctions have been a great success with donated fish sold to help fund The Goldfish Council’s upcoming goldfish research projects. As with the previous auctions all fish available for sale have … Read more

SAVE THE DATES! West Coast Goldfish Event Coming Soon

Today we announce our first scheduled educational and competition events at Genki Koi in San Jose, California.  Initial joint partners are Genki Koi, Coast Gem USA and The Goldfish Council LLC. Registration will begin on or before June 1st. The program will include fish sales, seminars and a unique bowl competition. Please mark these dates … Read more

Blog 2017 – 10: Food, Floating, Fry, and Future by Gary Hater

  Above, baby Ranchu from my TOKS line that became free swimming on Valentine’s day, after hatching two days earlier. Many people fail to realize, that until the fry are free swimming you feed nothing. Also, at this stage, try never to use a net, they are just too tender. For many of us, breeding … Read more