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New Article – Rising of the the Phoenix

Hello Goldfish friends,

Just wanted to remind everyone that our board is working hard to post new and exciting articles.  My new article The Rising Of The Phoenix is up on the site.  More to come in the near future from myself and fellow board members.  Hope you enjoy the article covering the journey of the majestic Blue Egg Phoenix.


The Rising Of The Phoenix

Thank You,


Joshua McWilliams

VP of Education and Memberships

The Rising Of The Phoenix

  By Joshua McWilliams The blue egg Phoenix referred as the BEP is from an ancient line of the dorsal-less variety of goldfish called the Eggfish “dan yu”, they go back about 800 years in the history of goldfish breeding in China.  Popular varieties today like Celestials, Ranchus, and Lionheads are believed to be linked… Continue Reading →

Big Fish Small Space – Introduction

By: Josh McWilliams / Water Pigs By Joshua Pt 1: Introduction Breeding and keeping fancy goldfish takes a lot of water and space. Space is something I lacked when getting into the goldfish hobby. With the popularity of smaller living and the prices of real-estate per square foot in urban areas increasing, it often puts… Continue Reading →