Breeder Registry

Revision 1 -December 2018

Over the last couple of years, The Goldfish Councilhad many requests for information about amateur breeders and what they typically sell. Below is our initial attempt to place the core of the breeders into a table, associated with what they breed and sometimes have available. You will note several things;

  • contact information is missing
  • some varieties are currently not represented.
  • prices and current availability are missing.
  • Some previously bred varieties like lavender Telescopes and black Ranchu are currently missing.
  • and surely, we forgot a few people.
  • Canadian breeders have a (*) after their name.

All the breeders can be found on social media but three analog folks. If you can’t find someone by private message please contact The Goldfish Council Facebook site and someone will get back to you in short order.  You might also not that this version is dated, we intent to update varieties and breeders at least once a year. Some reviewers suggested we publish the contact information publically, sorry in the age of trolls and internet theft we decided not to do this. If you were omitted contact Gary Hater by private message with the varieties you currently breed. At this point we have forty breeders and thirty-two varieties currently in production.

Thank you for your time and we hope this toll is helpful.

Gary Hater

All breeders are located in US unless designated by a “*” which denotes a Canadian breeder.

VarietyBreeder NameBreeder NameBreeder NameBreeder NameBreeder NameBreeder NameBreeder NameBreeder NameBreeder Name 
AzumanishikiRob CrosbyJames Alderson
Blue Egg PhoenixRandy PlonaJoshua McWilliamsGage HartfordAdam TillLeigh WangGerrad Siew *
Bristol ShubunkinGary Hater Greg RauNathan SylvesterDavid LainsJohn Barcelona
Bubble eyeBryan RhodesMark RausaAdelino / Ed Dos Santos
CameilDave Mandley
CelestialAdelino / Ed Dos Santo
DemekinsJoshua Mc WilliamsAmy Sims Shonka
Dragon EyeAmy Sims ShonkaGary HaterMatt Lyon
FaintailGary HaterNathan Sylvester
MoorAdam TillJoshua McWilliams
Moor - BroadtailAmy Simms Shonka Gary Hater
Oranda - Caliconone
Oranda - MetallicChris SotherdenArrielle WrightLinsey Weber
Oranda - Red CapGary HaterJanuary 1, 1970
Oranda - ThaiKatelin FisherAdam Till *
Pearlscale CrownTed Tai *
Ranchu - top viewGary Hater Rob CrosbyJeff ThompsonAdam Till*Jerry LeeElmer PinoyDavid LainsBrian Jefferson
Ranchu - BuffaloJerry Lee
Ranchu - Blacknone
Ranchu- side ViewGinger BruceAl FosterJohn HubschmanDavid LainsElmer PinoyNathan SylvesterAdam Till *Wesley HanBrian Jefferson
RyukinBilly TaiScott KendallNathan SylvesterJerry LeeAl Foster
Ryukin BroadtailScott Kendall
ShukinRandy PlonaDave Mandley
TamasabaJames Alderson Gary HaterDavid LainsAdam Till
Telescope - ButterflyJoshua McWilliamsGary HaterAmy Simms ShonkaAmy Sims Shonka
TelescopeMatt LyonJoshua McWilliamsRob Crosby
Telescope-high humpJoshua McWilliams
ToadheadJoshua McWilliams
TosakinTed Tai *Jeff HillerDavid SalazarJulie Vandershaegan
Veiltail - PhiladelphiaGary HaterJames Alderson Harris ZaneBrian RhodesGreg RauDave MandleyAl FosterNathan Sylvester
Veiltail - EnglishGary HaterJames Alderson Harris ZaneBrian RhodesGreg RauDave LinnemeyerDave SchlesserDave MandleyDeigo German Filippelli