The Rising Of The Phoenix

  By Joshua McWilliams The blue egg Phoenix referred as the BEP is from an ancient line of the dorsal-less variety of goldfish called the Eggfish “dan yu”, they go back about 800 years in the history of goldfish breeding in China.  Popular varieties today like Celestials, Ranchus, and Lionheads are believed to be linked … Read more

SAVE THE DATES! West Coast Goldfish Event Coming Soon

Today we announce our first scheduled educational and competition events at Genki Koi in San Jose, California.  Initial joint partners are Genki Koi, Coast Gem USA and The Goldfish Council LLC. Registration will begin on or before June 1st. The program will include fish sales, seminars and a unique bowl competition. Please mark these dates … Read more

Steamed Eggs for fry and young fish With the additives like dried blood worms

By Gary Hater Introduction In North America and much of the EU, raising fry has become a regiment of hatching brine shrimp and gradually converting to gel food, frozen food, or micro pellets. Recently on Facebook I saw a video on raising young fry with steamed chicken eggs in the Chinese tradition. After searching the … Read more