Thoughts on breeding young fish

This morning I came out to the fish room to find a tank full of mixed varieties spawning. Having just moved I am not really done setting up the fish room and this tank is just a temporary home for many fish, veils, ryukin, ranchu, fantails, and probably a few more randos. This is the … Read more

Green Water Rambling

By this point we all know “green water” is a good thing, or at least we know it is not necessarily a bad thing. Should you use green water? Like all things there is no easy yes/no answer, the answer is always “it depends”. I have not explored the color enhancing effects of green water … Read more

Goldfish Palooza 2018

We Missed You At: Goldfish Palooza 2018! In what’s becoming a wonderful habit, for the last two years The Goldfish Council has organized an event in sunny San Jose California specifically designed to get all of us goldfish lovers together in one place. No, not a virtual internet place, but an actual, physical, in-person place; … Read more

How To Drill a Glass Aquarium

News From the Arctic – How to Drill a Glass Aquarium By Erica and Adam Till/ Arctic Lights Aquatics Hi there folks! As part of a new blog series that we’ll be writing for The Goldfish Council, the following article will help you address one of the most common issues you’ll face as you start … Read more

2017 West Cost Goldfish Palooza Update!

Our August 2017 Goldfish event in San Jose California is expanding with the addition of internationally famous Neil Tietler as a speaker. Neil is a world renowned goldfish author, geneticist and historian. He plans to share some of his life works from studying goldfish whilst in Japan. He plans to talk about the history of goldfish … Read more

Election Update and Congratulations!

Today we are pleased to announce that Joshua McWilliams has agreed to hold the membership chairman position and also become Vice President of Education, a full board member. The self nomination process yielded a lot of interest for 2018 and 2019, but for immediate occupancy Joshua was the person who raised his hand. As we … Read more