The Goldfish Council Show Program

The Goldfish Council Show Program Author: Gary Hater Contributors: Joshua McWilliams and Mark Rausa Editors: Amy Sims-Shonka The Goldfish Council TM is a nonprofit 501c3 charity that is designed to educate and promote the goldfish hobby. Part of our education program is having events and judging shows and workshops. In 2016, we instituted new goldfish … Read more The Goldfish Council Show Program


Telescope – metallic / butterfly tail Origin The telescope eye mutation was clearly established by the late 18th century, as evidenced by numerous examples in the Billardon de Sauvigny paintings. Clearly, telescope-eyed fish originated in China, it is thought from the Ryukin. Following this, telescope goldfish were then exported to other countries, including Japan. Traditionally, … Read more Telescope


Ryukin Note: This standard may be used to judge the Tamasaba, the single-tailed version of the Ryukin. As a single-tailed fish, the Tamasaba is a longer form, with a more tapered body and longer peduncle that enables the fish to glide through the water. Breed Development The majestic Ryukin is a powerful fish that swims … Read more Ryukin

Top View Ranchu

Ranchu (top view Ranchu, TVR or Japanese Ranchu) Origin Statement to judges and exhibitors: The Ranchu breed originated in Japan and is considered a top-view goldfish with metallic scales occurring only in red (or orange/yellow), red and white, or white and should be judged separately from all other Ranchu-like, or Ranchu derived fish including side … Read more Top View Ranchu