London Shubunkin

London Shubunkin Origin The London Shubunkin was developed in England between World War I and World War II. It is the product of a common goldfish and a Japanese Shubunkin most probably. The fish no longer imported form the UK to the United States but is reproduced by crossing short tailed Shubunkin of various types. … Read more


Hibuna (western common goldfish) Origin The colored common goldfish is documented in China in the Tsing Dynasty about 265 AD. For the next several centuries the basic fundamentals of colored goldfish and the evolution of numerous mutations were initially discovered and reproduced. Most of the Hibuna market is now in the world of feeder fish, … Read more

Comet and Shubunkin

Comet & Shubunkin Origin The Comet and Shubunkin have been developed in Japan and the United States. The US version of the Shubunkin was developed in the 1870-1880 range. While the Japanese refers to bright red in color, in fact red is selected against in the Shubunkin. Both of the fish described here seem to … Read more

Bristol Shubunkin

Bristol Shubunkin Origin The Bristol Shubunkin was developed in the United Kingdom. The ancestral fish are believed to be a combination of the Japanese Shubunkin and a black Moor or Demekin. Two variations are in existence today: the heart shaped tail, sometimes referred to as the “Classic Bristol” and the B shaped tail often called … Read more