Event Hosting and Vending

The Goldfish Council© Event Certification Policy (2018)

The Goldfish Council is a 501(C)3 non-profit charity dedicated to education and research of goldfish. TGC provides teachers and judges for goldfish events that are certified by its’ board. These events include; lectures, blogs, seminars, research roundtables, web based research, exhibitions, and judging shows.

The TGC currently has certified judges living in Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Texas, Ohio, Indiana, Kansas, Idaho and California. These volunteers have been trained to select the best fish without bias based on the Goldfish Standards published on its’ web site, TheGoldfishCouncil.org. These standards are designed to encourage as many varieties and variants of goldfish as possible. The standards also are also supposed to be an aid when buying new fish.

The TGC typically teams with existing clubs (Koi & Goldfish), Fish Importers, and distinguished members to jointly put on an event. TGC will supply lecturers, judges, trainers, some labor, expertise, and occasionally equipment. The TGC is a non-profit and relies on dues, donations and admissions to break even, if we cannot get volunteers to assist at an event or get offsetting expenses, we may have to decline.

Certification of an event requires a board vote to proceed with certification. The TGC meets monthly, but can do an electronic consensus and vote within days if needed. Below are some guidelines for establishing and event;

• The proposed event must have some supporting infrastructure such as a meeting place, chairs and tables, water, security and potentially containers and a close water source.
• The location typically should have access to a local reasonable motel.
• The program must have an educational or research component.
• TGC shall, at minimum, recoup its’ expenses. Meetings are repeated year after year, the organization needs to collect enough funds to recover operating expenses for the nonprofit corporation.

Application for a Certified event:

Please provide the dates, location and potential number of participants are a great starting point.

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