For Sale By Members

Fish below are for sale by members of The Goldfish Council (TGC).  TGC provides the information on the fish available as well as the seller contact information.  All policies are decided by the individual seller, not TGC.

To purchase any fish below, contact the individual seller and reference the photo caption ID number listed.

Seller/Breeder: Gary Hater
Board Member and Officer of The Goldfish Council
Cincinnati, Ohio
Breeding Since; 1980
Current stock of Goldfish available;
Hayashi Ranchu – BBR and CBR (F2) Japanese TVR,most famous for OZA
Philadelphia Veiltail –  Descendants of the Foster -Thoma fish, metallic blue, red and calico available, breeding since mid 1980’s
English Veiltail – (F-4) Stock are descendants formfishbrought in from England in about 2003
Bristol Shubunkin – ( >F-10) a modern version of the Bristol ( B tail vs heart tail)
Ghost Shubukins – Matte Bristol Shubunkins