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Founded in 2016, we are an international community of goldfish fanciers who endlessly delight in the beauty and amusing antics of our favorite freshwater friends.  We are supporters of research into goldfish health and genetics, and generously share decades of learning as goldfish practitioners.  As some of the world’s foremost breeders and exhibitors of fancy and pond goldfish, we are here to inspire and support each other.

What’s New

The Goldfish Council (TGC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the education and research of goldfish.

Our goal is to educate the Goldfish Community on care, breeding, collection, improvement, health, environmental management, and the history of the domestic goldfish (Carassius auratus) as well as to conduct scientific research related to the health, husbandry, and genetics.   We do so by organizing educational events and studies internationally. These events include; lectures, blogs, seminars, research roundtables, web based research, exhibitions, and judging shows.

Please join us by registering to be a Goldfish Council Patron.  Our Board of Directors are all volunteers and your patron dues go directly to fund organize educational events and shows.

By becoming a patron of The Goldfish Council you will receive:

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Latest Articles

Dips and Baths

Treatment: Dips and Baths By Gary Hater Treatment of goldfish that are ailing from flukes, protozoans, fungus and bacteria has changed over the last two

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