Amy Sims-Shonka Director of Communications

Amy Sims-Shonka

VP of Marketing and Communications

Vice President for Marketing and Communications Amy Shonka is a lifelong resident of Topeka KS. She is married and has a son, Sam, who was born in 2002. She enjoys all that comes with a 13 year old’s interest in track, cross country, baseball and showing dogs.

Professionally, Amy is the Ombudsman’s Assistant with the Kansas State Department on Aging and Disability Services. She is proud of this role and has worked there since 2014. Her previous positions included helping Veterans at her local VA Hospital to socialize and running the Art Clinic. She also served for 8 year with Menninger Psychiatric Hospital in Topeka.

In addition to having worked around all types of livestock, companion animals, and wildlife, Amy spent 15 years as a wildlife rehabilitator, specializing in bats and opossums. She still gets “bat calls” on a regular basis.

Of course, there have always been fish. Goldfish in bowls, goldfish in 10 gallon tanks, livebearers, natives, tropicals, then full circle back to goldfish. Of the goldfish Amy has kept and bred, she considers the broadtail moor to be the most beautiful. Over the years she saw them from time to time at local fish stores.   She also would see them listed at online auctions ~ but they were very expensive and the cost stopped her from trying them.

The broadtails that she initially acquired have lived to a significant age, and some females even spawned for her. Unfortunately, she continued to have much trouble raising fry. Eventually, Amy found help from several people that she met while on Goldfish Keepers ( and on Facebook. These generous goldfish enthusiasts took her by the hand and encouraged her to keep going with the breeding.   She continues to be indebted to this supportive network and “owes them” for patting me on the back. They know who they are! This, she reminds us, is a great group of people.

Amy currently breeds the very popular Sims-Shonka line of Broadtail Moors, Side View Calico Telescopes, Calico X Moor crosses (red and white sakura), Red and white frog heads (telescope oranda), Purple telescopes, and Calico Veils. Her future plans include the Demekin.