Bryan Rhodes Chief Science Officer

Bryan Rhodes

Chief Science Officer

Dr. Bryan Rhodes is the chief science officer for The Goldfish Council. He is a college-level science educator in the Virginia, with a PhD in Zoology. While his specialty and research area has been ornithology, he has always maintained an avocation in fish. Whether it is in the form of catching saltwater game fish with rod and reel, scooping local streams for native species, or examining them in a tank, Dr. Rhodes is an avid fish fancier.

As a piscine hobbyist, Bryan kept all sorts of tropical freshwater fish and coldwater goldfish as a youngster, but drifted away from the hobby as a teenager and upon entering college.   His return to goldfish began while completing ornithological studies in New Zealand, to complete his doctoral work. Because his dissertation research required him to spend many months in the field and away from his New Zealand home, not to mention spending a few months each year in United States visiting with family, he could not practically keep any kind of pets. So Bryan promised myself that upon moving back to the US, he would start back up in the fish hobby. After much thought, he chose goldfish for the same reason that many others do, which is the challenge of breeding them ~ as he has always had a strong interest in genetics and animal husbandry. As a tetraploid, the goldfish was particularly interesting.

After some research into goldfish breeds, both traditional and modern, Bryan decided to focus his breeding efforts on Veiltails and Bubble Eyes. He had never wanted to do the same thing that everyone else did and noticed the abundance of interest and breeding in the Ranchu breed, so he felt that Philadelphia Veiltails were a good choice ~ especially as they are a uniquely American breed.

After following the Goldfish Keepers website ( for a few months, Bryan contacted Gary Hater in Cincinnati, who still maintained Philadelphia Veiltails; and from Gary, he obtained some stock. Since that first step, Bryan has expanded into breeding both English Veiltails and Chinese Veiltails as well. He later added Bubble Eye goldfish because they appear to uniquely grab the attention of novices, which helps Bryan to interest them in the goldfish hobby. He is currently creating an albino line of Bubble Eyes, as his unique contribution to the goldfish fancy.