Gage Harford

Region Director

Gage is a California Bay Area native whose love of the ornamental aquatic hobby started at 10 years old keeping Mickey Mouse Platies.  He worked in fish stores on and off throughout his formative years.  At 18 he had a critical career decision to make, follow his heart and pursue a career as a Zoo Keeper or follow the money and learn Technology. 

His personal hobby evolved into helping others when he joined the crew answering daily queries.  He currently moderates a few aquarium and goldfish related subreddits. 

With over 20 years in the hobby he has kept reef tanks, new world cichlids, African cichlids, planted tanks, guppies and everything in between.  After starting with Panda Orandas then trying everything else the hobby had to offer he has landed back on goldfish and recently started breeding for fun and posterity.  He keeps Blue Egg Phoenix, Azuma Nishiki, Tosakin, English and Philidelphia Veil Tails, Ranchu and has a soft spot for Thai Orandas 

 Gage sees himself as a mad scientist studying the entire aquarium environment from micro algae and daphnia cultures to algae mat filtration, always searching for better ways to maintain closed aquatic systems.We don’t do this to make money, we make money so we can do this. -someone