Gary Hater Board President

Gary Hater


Born, raised, and still living in Cincinnati, Ohio, Gary started keeping fish in 1964. He bred tropical fish through his high school and college years, graduating as a biologist from Thomas More College and the University of Cincinnati. His graduate studies led him to freshwater limnology.   In 1980, he moved into goldfish breeding, shortly after which he joined the Board of the Goldfish Society of America (GFSA). He subsequently co-chaired the GFSA for several years.


Gary has bred and exhibited Philadelphia Veiltails for over twenty-five years, as well as Ranchu and Bristol Shubunkins since the mid 1990’s. Additionally, he has bred Jikin, Fantails, the Blue Egg Phoenix, Pearlscales, Broadtail Moors, English Veiltails and Bubble eyes. Most recently, he served on the board of the American Goldfish Association (AGA).


After working as a biologist for over forty years in various capacities, Gary retired in 2015. Much of his work experience included industrial wastewater treatment and the nitrogen cycle. Over the years, Gary has maintained a large goldfish hobby, both indoors (80+ tanks) and outdoors (about 15,000 gallon capacity), and has served as a licensed judge of the AGA.


He and his wife, Jane, have hosted the annual Breeders Social for most of the last twenty years. In addition to his goldfish hobby, Gary raises honeybees, fishes, gardens, and spends precious time with his grandkids.