Julie Marczak


Julie Marczak is an Idaho transplant from sunny Southern California. She has had a love of animals since she was a baby and grew up as only child with a dog, chickens, and fish for “siblings “. Her first love was veterinary medicine but she ended up pursuing a career in teaching math and science and then went back to school to get a masters degree and  credential in special education. Animals always played a key part in the classroom, both furred and finned. Julie has been in the fish hobby off and on for most of her life, but has had goldfish and bettas for the last 10 years or so. Her enthusiasm over goldfish has led her to dabble in hobby breeding.

Julie has 3 human children , a wonderful husband, 2 miniature poodles, one of which she showed through to AKC championship and the other has titles in obedience and was a therapy dog.  She helped her daughter show her poodles both in 4H and Junior showmanship.  Julie also has 2 cats, a 180 gallon tank of goldfish, a 75 gallon, 2 55 gallons, a 72 gallon bow front with a betta sorority, 2 40 breeders ( one of which is her son’s), a 29 gallon, and 3 betta tanks  belonging to her youngest son, and one more 15 gallon tank in the kitchen with a betta sorority.  Julie views goldfish keeping as a very enjoyable hobby with a steep learning curve and an opportunity to learn new things daily.  Probably the best thing about the hobby is all the new friends she has made. Julie loves all her pets, but fancy goldfish are her passion.