Matt Lyon Treasurer

Matt Lyon


TGC Treasurer Matt Lyon was born and raised in northern Utah, where, from a very young age, he spent every weekend on a never-ending quest for the “perfect pet shop”.   His perfect pet shop would stock numerous varieties of fancy goldfish and tropical frogs. Thirty years later and while continuing that search, Matt has spent the past 15 years gradually building a hobby to match his pet shop quest.

Matt currently calls southeast Idaho his home, where he has two small fish rooms, with nearly 30 aquariums (ranging from 20 to 75 gallons). His goldfish collection includes several variants of butterfly telescopes, the very rare blue egg phoenix, and a few other experimental goldfish grace the space of his personal fish rooms. Being a goldfish breeder in the mountainous Western US can be a lonely road at times, so he tries to stay connected by networking with other goldfish hobbyists around the US. In the early 2000’s, Lyon served as Editor and Board Member for the Goldfish Society of America.

In his professional life, Mr. Lyon is an elementary school teacher and small-time entrepreneur. Besides being an avid goldfish breeder, his other hobbies include goat packing, hiking, camping, fishing, and upland game hunting.  Last, and most importantly, he is the proud father of two amazing and beautiful daughters, who share some of his passions.